Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Great Pyramid of Cheops

Χέοψ - Σούφις
Ivory statue of the Great Architect Cheops

The following observations and diagrams have been made in the period 1984 - 1990 and have been published in my books  "Omphalos"  (10 Jan. 1986)  and "Cheops, the Great Architect"  (20 Dec. 1990).



  1. Athanasios G. Angelopoulos great job.
    love your work, your passion for detail ...

    I am currently looking for accurate details regarding of the # of blocks used in the King's Chamber.

    There appears to be conflicting data due to some blocks being counted twice because cracks in one block would be interpreted as two blocks etc.

    The result being that various sources list the # of blocks from 99 - 101.

    Would you have details of the King's Chamber, specifically the south wall which appears to cause the most confusion?

    Much much much appreciated if you could help me out, that would be great news.
    The bad news is I might have to go to Egypt myself one day if you cannot help me out.

    I might go anyway, I love bad news. :)



  2. You're right about the conflicting data on the number of blocks, but I think that this has nothing to do with a couple of cracks. I'm posting now Piazzi Smyth's drawing, which, I hope, you'll find useful. Thank's for your comments.