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Measurements: May 19, 2002  - "Metron Ariston" (2003, p. 39).
(See also "The acropolis of Tiryns" posted on 11 May 2012).
Tiryns is a very old city situated about 7 km East of Argos. It was founded in the precataclysmic period by the Pelasgian hero and king Tiryns, a descendant "son" of Argos, "son" of Zeus and Niobe. Later Proetus (or Proitos) became a king of Tiryns and put the Cyclops to build the cyclopean (megalithic) fortification around the acropolis. The hill is about 300 x 100 m.

The Megaron on the acropolis is rectangular and consists of three rooms:  aethousa (hall), prodomos (meaning "before domos" and domos (the king's room). Outside the walls the length is 1599 d (25.93 m) and the width 773 d (12.535 m). Inside the length is 1504 d, but the width is 611 d in the north wall of the domos and 597 d in the beggining of aethousa. (* There is an important reason for all these inequalities in ancient architecture).

We observe that they have used many integral numbers in MC.  The length of the domos is 26 MC (11.804 m) and is divided by the columns into three sections of 7, 12 and 7 MC. The doorposts are 2 MC and the openings 128 d (see the Treasury of Atreus, south wall). Also, the two diagonal lines meet at M (middle) at the beggining of domos.

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