Sunday, January 30, 2011

The monument of Lysicrates

Measurements and Photographs: 3 October 2002.
The measurements were made only in the lower part of the monument.

The monument of Lysicrates is situated on Lysicrates Square in Plaka under the eastern side of the Acropolis. It was built by Lysicrates, the son of Lysitheides, around 330 BC.

This elegant, circular building consists of four steps made of conglomerate stone and a square base with four rows of blocks. On this base stands a circular monument, made of Pentelic marble, that has six semi-columns with Corinthian capitals. Their height is 3.55 m. Above the columns is the entablature with a circular epistylion (architrave) and a frieze depicting the myth of the transformation of the pirates into dolphins by Dionysos. On the top is the roof decorated with a large flower.

The eastern side of the monument of Lysicrates

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