Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Gate of the Lions

Measurements are given in Megalithic Cubits (MC, bold) and daktyloi (d).  1 MC = 28 d = 0.454 m.

1. The length of the threshold ΔΔ' is 12 MC (5.45 m), or twice the width of the Gate under the lintel (BB') and equal to the height of the entrance of the Treasury of Atreus. Some archaeologists write that it is 4.60 or 4.65 m, but they have measured up to the point where it is broken.

2. The width of the Gate at the threshold (AA') is MC (2.853 ) and in the lintel (BB') 6 MC (2.724 m). The height (ON) is 192 d, or φ^4,  ~ 6(π-2) MC (3.11 m).

3. The doorjambs in the front are π/2 MC, or 44 d in the middle, and 43 d near the threshold and the lintel.

4. The height of the lintel in the corners is π/2 (44 d) and in the middle 5/2 MC (70 d). So the total height of the Gate to the top of the lintel (OH) is 262 d (or 100φ^2). The length EE' is π^2 MC (4.481 m).

5. ΟΘ = ΘΣ = 227 d (3.681 m). Therefore, the height ΟΣ is 454 d or 16.21 MC (10φ MC).

Plan and section of the Gate of the Lions

The height of the Gate (192 d = 3.11 m) is equal to the width inside.

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