Sunday, December 26, 2010

The pyramid near Argos

Photos taken on 12 July 1998 (User: Athang1504 in Google Earth, Panoramio, Flickr)
Measurements made on 3 May 2002
For the Megalithic Cubit (MC), see my first post.

Some well-known archaeologists believe that this small pyramid at Hellenikon (about 8 km SW of Argos, Peloponnesus) is not really a pyramid but a building of the Hellenistic Period (around 200 BC). However, Pausanias (B' 25,6) mentions a pyramid near Argos, built at the time of Acrisius and Proetus, kings of Argos and Tiryns, respectively. These twin brothers were ancestors of Perseus, ancestor of Heracles. Therefore, the pyramid is very old and was built by the Pelasgians.

This diagram presents the ground plan of the pyramid at the base and shows that the unit of length that was used is the Megalithic Cubit.

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