Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Treasury of Atreus

First measurements: 24-26 April and 14 August 2002.
New measurements: 17 November 2007, 3 and 10 February 2008 and 2 March 2008.

1. Plan of the Treasury of Atreus.

There are 21 stones on the south wall of the dromos and 17 on the north (first row on the ground). Their length is given in d (ancient inches). The total length of the south wall is 2216 d and of the north wall 2206 d. So, the average in the middle (axis) is 2211 d, or 8π^2 MC (35.85 m).

The 15th stone on the north wall is huge and its length (387 d = 6.276 m) is about equal to the width of the dromos. This width is 390 d but in front of the entrance becomes 384 d (2 x 192 d). Now, 192 d is the height of the Gate of the Lions and its width inside (φ^4 MC). On the other side of  dromos (south wall) there are two other stones facing this one with a total length of 391 d.

2. The geometry of the facade projeted on the tholos.

OB is the radius of the tholos (450.5 d), equal to OF and OE.

The width of the entrance in the lintel is twice its thickness (height NM = 8/3 MC = 1.211 m)). The radius of the tholos (in this case OB) is equal to approximately 6 NM. The height of the tholos OH is 11 NM, or 88/3 MC (13.32 m). Some other important observations are given on the table on the left of this drawing.

3. Section of the Treasury

The north wall of the entrance consists of 23 large stones in nine rows. The length and the height of them is given in daktyloi (d). The total lenght of the north wall on the ground is 322.5 d (5.23 m) and the height (A' N) is 12 MC (5.45 m). The height of the tholos is 88/3 MC (13.32 m) and the upper part of the lintel (M) is in the middle (44/3 MC). The triangle above the lintel begins at E and the height
A" E is equal to the radius of the tholos on the ground (Ro = 16.09 MC = 7.306 m). The gigantic lintel occupies two rows of rings inside the tholos (10th and 11th). There are 33 rings and the lid on the top (at H) is the 34th (2 x 17). (The number 17 is very important).

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