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The Treasury of Atreus (3)

7. Lintel, tholos and burial chamber

The chords mm' and nn' are equal to the radius of the tholos (Ro = 450.5 d).

We observe that if we extend the lines of the lintel in the tholos, the circle KS (R17) is inscribed in them (diameter 2KS = FF').

ON = 91.31 d, but Dd is 93.27 d because it is the hypotenus of a small triangle (see 4).

8. The entrance of the burial chamber.

 In the case of this entrance, we obseve that the lintel consists of two stones and that the length of the second near the antichamber is 66 d. This means that the joint is perpendicular to the walls. Most Mycenaean lintels consist of two or three blocks that have been cut "straight" so that their joints are always perpendicular to the walls. However, the huge lintel of the main entrance consists only of one stone (monolith).

The length of the lintel on the eastern wall (bottom) is equal to the height of the four rows and the length of the fourth row on the western wall
(157 d = 50π). The length of this lintel on the eastern wall (top) is equal to the length on the western wall (bottom).

The Gate of the Lions

From Henry Schliemann's book
Mycenae - London 1878.

The Treasury of Atreus

From Schliemann's book.

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